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Hey, Jason Botts here.  After retiring from my Major League and 15yr professional baseball career--I've guide PRO & Elite Amateur Athletes all across the country to Dramatically UP LEVEL their Performance .

What I've found over these last few years is that Athletes at all levels today are faster, stronger and more skilled than ever BUT it's the player's ability to be mentally prepared, laser focused in any environment and to stay confident through adversity that are the real predictors in achieving their goals and dreams.  

Every Hard Working Athlete deserves to Play Into their GREATNESS--yet not all families have the time or money to invest in my 1on1 Coaching. It's why I created the Digital Video Training Courses, "4 Steps to Peak State," and "MVP Season."  Both programs model my Private Coach training lessons and have proven to increase Motivation, Confidence, Trust and Resiliency in Athletes of ALL ages and sports.

You invest heavily in your child's teams, equipment, lessons and strength training but

Coaches will tell you that 80% of Success comes from Mindset

An Amateur Mindset allows the environment to control it and results happen completely by chance BUT a player with a PRO Mindset takes charge of how they think, feel and act to ensure their best performances.

"However, most Coaches are far too busy with physical instruction or don't have a simple step by step system to develop the Mindset of their players"

Through each training video, your player will learn in simple steps how to take charge and strengthen their own "Peak State" by 

  • Create a Vision of the Player they desire to become
  • Set Long term, Short term & Process Goals
  • Set the Standards & Rules they'll play by
  • Use Breath to Keep Composure
  • Effectively Create Results through Proper Visualizations
  • Develop Positive Language & Self-talk
  • Find the Positives in Adversity
  • Set Performance Intentions for the Game
  • Develop Empowering Beliefs
  • Be Comfortable w/ being Uncomfortable
  • Compete & Use Nerves for Benefit
  • Develop Integrity & Access Inner Strength
  • Team Chemistry & Encourage Teammates
  • Act with Courage
  • And More

The PEAK STATE Membership gives you Unlimited Access to ALL Digital Training Videos--More than 4 hours total.

And as a LIMITED BONUS for signing up now--Receive Exclusive Access to the BETA Test Launch of my newest program: ULTIMATE PERFORMANCE BREAKTHROUGH

Over the last year these training videos have only been available for the Group Mentor Program and

At only $37 a month, see for yourself the results of the PEAK STATE system.

If you think your Athlete could benefit from the lessons of a 15yr Pro that's already traveled their path--You're Right.  And Now's the time to get them what they need to know for their Ultimate SUCCESS.

START NOW w/ the 7-Day FREE Trial

"In an often negative world – Jason provides a fresh perspective with lessons, ideas and improvement assignments delivered in an uplifting and motivational style – that both of my boys have responded to. I have discussed and recommended Jason to many of our boys teammates parents and without hesitation fully recommend him and his programs as critical piece of your athletes success both on and off the field."

Steve Binkley
Connor (17), Griffin (14)

"My daughter has been with Jason over a year now and we can't thank him enough. The mental toughness she learned through peak performance kept her and her teammates strong through the playoffs. I love the ease in which she moves to the next pitch, always moving forward. She is completely focused and has a new love for the game. She is a strong confident pitcher because of Jason Botts."

Kristi Wright
Maddy (16)

"Our son Reagan has played multiple sports in his life and baseball is his true passion. Reagan has had the pleasure of competing in very high levels of youth baseball all over the country at a young age. Jason began working with Reagan earlier this year and we saw immediate results in how Reagan approached baseball and other aspects of his life. Over time, Jason has set a solid foundation for Reagan when it comes to confidence in all the things he's doing in life. I couldn't be happier."

Ryan McCluskey
Reagan (12)

"Jason Botts has made a HUGE impact in our daughter’s life over the past few months. Jason has always offered professional, relatable advice and perspective in a digestible way for our 11 year old. Our daughter now has a “toolbox” of skills she can pull from which she will carry with her throughout her life."

Andrea Weeke
Ava (11)

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