Have a

Star Athlete?

Are they competing for limited spots at Elite College programs, or a chance to play Pro?

Do you want your Child to have the real edge over the competion?

To STAND OUT from the crowd an Athlete must put in the work with their physical training, but what they go on to ultimately achieve will come down with what lies between their ears.


Since retiring from my Major League Baseball and 15yr Pro career I've privately coached hundreds of amateur and professional athletes, leading them through the journey I've already successfully traveled. 

With private access to me, your STAR ATHLETE can develop a PROFESSIONAL LEVEL MINDSET too, and blow away the amateur competition. You and your Athlete will receive...

Direct 24/7 Access to Me--

-Calls, text updates and support throughout the week. Whatever is needed to ensure your Athlete is fully prepared to live each day in their highest potential.

-And Access to All Peak State Digital Programs and Group Live Trainings.

This Package is for the truly committed--And the Results are Transformational. 

3, 6 & 12 Month Packages Available:



If they have the talent and the passion, give them the best opportunity to make their dreams come true.

For 15 years I got to live my childhood dream, and there's nothing I want more than to take your Star Athlete under my wing and help them live theirs.




"I played against Jason in the Major Leagues and now he has taken the knowledge, passion, and drive he utilized to have success in the major leagues and created a Course for all to learn. I highly recommend, the Peak State courses for every up and coming player. The powerfully packed information contains all the secrets, we at the major-league level used on a daily basis to have success. "

Shea Hillenbrand
2x MLB All Star

""Jason is a former Major Leaguer that has great knowledge and content for players of all ages on the mental side of baseball or softball. His passion shows through is intense work ethic and drive to make each player understand the importance of routine and coping mechanisms for success on and off the field. Jason works with my organization of over 500 players and I have been very pleased." "

Mike Colangelo
MLB 99-01, Founder of Stars Baseball

"Jason is the BEAST of all beasts! I love his perspective on “Beast Mode” principles and it’s obvious he truly lives them out in all that he does. I learn something new from each of our conversations and any time I hear him speak. His mindset knowledge and performance-driven coaching goes beyond baseball. His coaching applies to every aspect in life. If your looking to take your game to another level, Jason is the guy who can take you to your PEAK STATE and reach your goals. Unleash the beast from within!"

Shane Austin
Pro Quarterback, CAFL MVP 2017

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