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Hey Hey Hey...my name is Jason Botts and I help driven athletes that desire to play in college develop the mindset needed to perform at their highest potential so that they can attract the scholarship from the school of their dreams.

You see--what I’ve found is that even the best high school athletes are performing below their potential.  They show up to tournaments or showcases wanting to impress college coaches but far too often they let the stress and pressure of the environment effect them and they’re not getting the offers they deserve.

So the parents make the mistake that the players need to be on a different team, or need a different mechanical instructor, or the latest training gadget in order to play better. 

But in reality...

They need to develop the three parts of an ELITE MENTAL GAME...

1.  A routine to mentally prepare themselves before.

2.  The ability to manage their confidence and focus during the game.

3.  And use a proven system to properly analyze their performance post-game.

When they develop this level of mindset--they will be fully in charge of their performance and play at a consistency that will attract a college equal to their highest potential.

Trust me--I’ve experienced first hand the pain, frustrations and upsets that come from failing to meet your potential.  I was a big kid, with massive physical ability and I had so much hunger to be my very best but yet after graduating high school I had zero 4yr College offers.

It wasn’t that I wasn't physically gifted enough to play at that level.  The truth is I had everything I needed but my performance was poor because I would beat myself down with negative thoughts, doubts and worry.  Some nights to the point of being physically ill.

It wasn’t until my  first semester in Junior College I was introduced to some books on the mental game and things began to get better.  I began to understand how to slow my thoughts, and narrow my focus and my performance began to steadily improve.  Enough so that I would go on and have the opportunity to sign professionally as a 46th round Draft Pick of the Texas Rangers. 

It was then with Texas that things really began to take off for me. 

Having the opportunity to work with Mindset Coaches and Peak Performance experts within the organization truly began to unleash my potential.  Within only a few years I was a member of the Big League roster.

I was blessed to play 4 seasons at the Major League level and 15yrs professionally overall.  Nearly none of that would of happened for me if I didn’t begin working with people specifically trained to get my mind working for me--rather than against me. 

For much of my career I would look back on my early years with regret--wondering what if I only started training my most important tool earlier?  What if I had access to training or coaching that could of shown me how to perform to my potential? 

I don’t regret that anymore because it was all a blessing--because it filled me with the drive to become the best at what I do now.


And it’s not just the WHAT but about the HOW I do it.  These athletes today need to be engaged in order to learn.  Talking down to them, talking their ears off--doesn’t work.  What makes the Peak State System get results that other programs don’t--is it’s special steps to get the athletes to feel and experience their best now.  And then train and condition it into habit--so that it shows up without even thinking about it.

To be able to give back and to make a true difference in these athlete’s journey has been the purpose behind my own painful moments in my journey.  I’m beyond grateful and honored to serve each one of them both on and off the field to...

Aim High.  Swing Hard.  And Smile Often.

Jason Botts




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