"Jason Botts is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! Jason has helped our daughter grow not only as a athlete, but also as a individual!!!! He has elevated her level of confidence 💯%..from her first mental skills training session, which started only three short months ago ... all we can say is WOW!🙌🏽 I’m so grateful my husband found Jason Botts! He has helped transform her Mindset and Confidence Level and so so so much more! Jason has done just what his program says it does! THANK YOU and THANK YOU for bringing out the BEAST! Any parent that has a kid/s playing a sport, I recommend Jason.! He WILL transform your child/ren mindset which is absolutely beneficial in their everyday life.. POINT BLANK... I GUARANTEE his program is absolutely AMAZING!! Jason’s mentorship has been an invaluable gift over the past couple of months! Anyone who has watched my daughter on the softball field prior to her working with Jason three months ago.. all I can say is when you see her now!!! You WILL see the difference in her 💯% Her confidence level and mindset both on and off the field.! OMG! ~~~”Anyone who achieves success does so without acknowledging the help that has come from others. ~The wise and confident acknowledge this help with gratitude."~
Thank you, 
-The Greene’s 


"Jason has literally changed one of my Hs kids life. He is in more control over his mental state and I can’t thank him enough" -Mike Colangelo, Former MLB, Highschool Coach, and Founder of Virginia Stars Baseball


"My daughter has been with Jason over a year now and we can’t thank him enough. The mental toughness she learned through peak performance kept her and her teammates strong through the playoffs. I love the ease in which she moves to the next pitch, always moving forward. She is completely focused and has a new love for the game. She is a strong confident pitcher because of Jason Botts." -Kristi Wright, Mother of Madelyn Wright, D1 Commit (ACU)


"I am on the travel squad for Washington State and have qualified for our conference championship meet. What has significantly helped are the Play Like a Beast visualizations. Every meet has its own unique challenges and the visualizations each focus on certain nuances that help me settle down and focus." -Jacob Englar, D1 Pole Vaulter, WSU


"Jason has been a terrific mentor for my daughter. He provides her tools that she can use in softball, school, and life, to channel the competitive spirit. He challenges her to own the process and fully implement the tools."-Michael Jonte, Father of Emily, Softball-2022


"Parents and players, I can’t say enough about how Jason Botts has helped my son achieve greater heights in his daily life and athletic career. My son, Connor, was struggling as a lead off hitter for his high school team last spring.
His average has jumped roughly 100 points and he continues to climb out of the “slump” that we are all familiar with life and on the field. Now, my son has the tools to handle situations like he experienced and can better address these times when they arise. Inevitably, the tough times will rear their ugly head again, but knowing how to address them, they become less insurmountable." -Brad Joffrion, Father of Connor, Louisiana Lafayette University Baseball


“I played against Jason in the Major Leagues and whenever we went into Texas, to play the Rangers, I always cringed, at third base, when Jason stepped into the box. The fierce presence, with his approach, each and every at-bat proved to be a challenge. Even for the best pitchers in the game. Now he has taken the knowledge, passion, and drive he utilized to have success in the major leagues and created a Course for all to learn. I highly recommend, the Peak State courses for every up and coming player. The powerfully packed information contains all the secrets, we at the major-league level used on a daily basis to have success.”-Shea Hillenbrand, 2x MLB All-Star


"The visualizations help me SO much more than any other mental or physical practice I've ever had!" -Max Newberg, 14U Baseball


"Jason is a former Major Leaguer that has great knowledge and content for players of all ages on the mental side of baseball or softball.  His passion shows through is intense work ethic and drive to make each player understand the importance of routine and coping mechanisms for success on and off the field.  Jason works with my organization of over 500 players and I have been very pleased." -Mike Colangelo MLB 1999-2002, Founder Stars Baseball


"As a former MLB player and now MLB agent, I know first hand how powerful and important the mental game is to a players success. Baseball is a game of failure and it only becomes more difficult the higher up the ladder you go. Learning the skills it takes to be in your peak mental state is essential if you want to reach your true potential in the game. Jason was a former teammate of mine, and I was witness daily to his knowledge and dedication to this. Jason was always extremely prepared. He was consistently locked in to his routine which reflected with his success on the field. Having a mental edge over your competition is a game changer and something every aspiring ballplayer needs to take serious." -David Matranga, Surprise, AZ


"We recently had Jason out to work with my daughter’s basketball team. He did a wonderful job engaging the girls, helping them think outside of the box when facing adversity, and giving them tools to gain mental focus both on and off the court. All the principals Jason shared with the team will hopefully help them excel this season in life and playing ball. Parents that listened in to the workshop mentioned to me that they too learned from Jason. We are appreciative of Jason’s willingness to help our girls grow as individuals. Jason has a huge heart, and I highly recommend him to work with your team or business unit. I think he has much to offer not only athletes, but individuals desiring to take steps towards fulfilling their dreams in life or in their career."  -Lisa Swain, Forney, TX


"As a coaching staff, we realize there are many facets to developing an athlete to reach their utmost potential. Of all the bases we were able to round ourselves, there was a mental side we were not able to tap in to quite like Jason did with his program. The slogans and positive talk we learned permeated throughout our entire team for our regular season. And as we continue in to playoffs, these same slogans exist within our dugout. Jason’s program offers us a positive edge that allows us to now round all bases efficiently and with confidence. #WOTAR" -Lynn Rottman, Head Softball Coach, Eaton High (TX)


"I often tell my boys Connor (17) and Griffin (14) that baseball is a microcosm for life & what we learn about teamwork, competition and accountability are traits that we will use the rest of our lives. I am also a firm believer that kids (and adults) can sometimes be their own worst enemy and that self-questioning and doubt can create obstacles to our goals & aspirations. Jason provides a very unique service in that he helps identify those goals and aspirations, helps recognize obstacles and then develops a path and plan with the athlete to take steps forward.
What is also unique about Jason is that he is very much “question-based” in his teaching – in that he doesn’t just say this has worked for me and other athletes – he LISTENS (rare today) and develops a strategy based on YOUR athlete’s needs.
In an often negative world – Jason provides a fresh perspective with lessons, ideas and improvement assignments delivered in an uplifting and motivational style – that both of my boys have responded to. I have discussed and recommended Jason to many of our boys teammates parents and without hesitation fully recommend him and his programs as critical piece of your athletes success both on and off the field."-Steve Binkley, Mansfield, TX


"Jason is the BEAST of all beasts! I love his perspective on “Beast Mode” principles and it’s obvious he truly lives them out in all that he does. I learn something new from each of our conversations and any time I hear him speak. His mindset knowledge and performance-driven coaching goes beyond baseball. His coaching applies to every aspect in life. If your looking to take your game to another level, Jason is the guy who can take you to your PEAK STATE and reach your goals. Unleash the beast from within!" -Shane Austin, Pro Quarterback, 2016 CAFL MVP


"After working with Jason Botts, I’ve seen first hand how important an athlete’s mental game truly is. My daughter, Gabi, definitely has the physical skill but really needed to find a way to believe in herself. Jason has taught her to focus and visualize by creating a mental image of what she wants. As she is working towards these new standards, several things are happening: the doubt is disappearing, the confidence is growing, and the CHAMPION is being exposed. I cannot than him enough for helping her change her mindset!! This is just the beginning!!" -Shelbi Olson, Texas


"Jason has built a quick relationship with our son and has made an impact in just a month on his positive thinking and his belief in himself. We are so happy that we decided to do this." -Karin Morris, Mother (Jackson, 11)


"My son Big Kat is 11 and plays club baseball. He has always been a solid hitter finishing his 10u season in a San Diego tournament with a .802 BA in 7 games. His goal was to hit some homers during the tournament. He has 3 blasts that literally were inches from going over. Well, we just started 11u season last week and Kat hit the ball however; his hits turned into ground outs or liners that were caught. Needless to say, he was in a funk mentally. Knowing that he was competing in his first 11u tournament this past weekend, he knew he needed to change something. He spent some time reading and researching when we discovered the Peak State podcasts. Literally on our drive from Las Vegas to Utah, we listened to Jason talk faking it till you make it; BEAST mode, and making the decision to Sale the Farm. Kat did not speak too much on the ride and at one point, I thought he may have been daydreaming. We literally arrived to the field after 3 hours in the car. I tell him my routine pep talk: play hard, have fun etc. he looks at me and says “Full Focus”. As he warms up, he looks pretty intense. After 30 minutes or so, the game starts, Kat is hitting third. With a runner on third; he hits a hard grounder and gets out. 1 RBI, job done. Next at bat; man on second: takes a pitch, second pitch boom! Into the parking lot the ball went. Next at bat a hard double. Kat finished the game with 4 RBIs and 2runs. Team placed second. Last night; more PEAK State prior to game: Boom! a 3 run homerun! Kat has changed his focus and thanks to Jason’s podcasts, he has redirected his mental preparation which thus far has equaled great results. Great info and guidance from Jason. Within a week, without changing mechanics, just his mindset, he is killing the ball. Thank you." -Paul Hamel (Father), Las Vegas, Nevada


"Jason understands the mental mindset, daily focus, tools and techniques it takes to live full out!"-Mark McAuliffe, Cert. John Maxwell Coach, Teacher and Speaker


"We are so incredibly grateful that we had the opportunity to have Jason Botts work with our son Lane. After spending a few days with him we have seen big changes in his performance and most importantly his confidence. What’s great is that the techniques Jason taught our son will continue to help him not only in baseball but in all sports, school, & life! We highly recommend Jason!" -Brad Wender, Father, Iron Mountain, MI


"The big guy really showed our guys about beast mode!!! The mental focus workshop was great for our players! Using Beast principles our guys were able to advance to the state semifinals and narrowly missed out on playing for a state championship. If anyone has an opportunity to work with Jason Botts then they should seize it! The Coweta Tigers will be using him from now on!" -Cody Pair, Head Coach Coweta H.S. Baseball


"I was fortunate enough to have been a teammate of Jason’s and learned a lot from him as a player. Having him work with my players in his mental focus workshop, now being a coach, gives them a huge advantage! I’m so pumped to continue working with him and my athletes as he develops and strengthens their mind!" -Eric Baker, Asst. Baseball Coach, Coweta High, OK

"After recovering from an injury, we sought out Jason Botts and Peak State to help my son regain the edge it takes to play baseball at the highest level. The results have been amazing. The methods received from Jason has helped my son, Lance, develop the confidence, focus and mental abilities needed to face the level of competition he endures. Now when he takes the mound, it looks like he’s already beat them, even before throwing the first pitch. Thank you Jason and Peak State!!" -David Cotter, Father, Oklahoma City, OK

"More then just being knowledgeable in performance psychology, Jason’s true gift is his ability to relate to each athlete and guide them to learning these strategies so they can apply them on their own at anytime to produce their best performances consistently.  From Little Leaguers to Big Leaguers, Jason Botts PEAK STATE has something to offer them all." -Justin Hatcher Instructor/Bullpen Catcher, San Diego Padres


"To say that my experiences with Jason have been life changing would be an absolute under statement. About a year ago, I approached a dreaded point in my life in which my father turned terminally ill. I knew this was coming based upon the months leading up to this point, but that does not make this pill any easier to swallow.

I knew Jason from my time as his bat boy and clubbie in his Minor League days and I had often followed his motivational posts regarding “Peak State” and the principles within. When I reached my low point, I reached out to Jason with my situation and where I was at mentally. Jason immediately committed to helping me through this dark time of my life and we began going through the program steps, starting with a questionnaire that really forced me to take a very difficult look at my own life.

From here, we spoke on a weekly basis for 6 months, helping me figure out a number of things, including but not limited to: Figuring out where I’m at in life and where I’d like to be; How my fathers sickness has affected me; where to start and how to get back to my ordinary “self” with day to day performances; envisioning success to find success, and many other concepts.

I can’t express passionately enough how sincerely appreciative I am of the work Jason did with me and I’d strongly recommend him and his passion for helping others to anybody out there who is looking to GET BETTER. Whether it be for your kids who need to learn how to handle the mental aspect of their sport, or if you are finding yourself struggling on a day to day basis for a multitude of reasons, I’m confident that Jason can help get you or your child on the road to success and see to it that such success is met. Thanks for everything, Bottsy. You’re my brother and a true friend!" -David Bodzin, Austin, TX


"I appreciate the time Jason took to share his knowledge with our sales reps. I know we had some team members expand their thinking to a higher level and overcome some limiting beliefs during his workshop with them.  Guiding them in setting a confidence anchor to use during their sales presentation has helped to improve closing ratios. Thank you again Jason for bringing your knowledge and training to our team.  Once again, you have helped raise the performance bar for our DFW Security sales team." -Marty J. Marlow President MGM Security HoldingsTexas Parent company of DFW Security


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